The conference addresses the sustainable issues of inclusion, diversity, and participatory knowledge creation through the integration of art with the social and natural sciences. It aims to build a regional, national and international network of research, practice and education that introduces the imaginary, symbolic and aesthetic dimensions into functional rationalities, with a view to nurturing and influencing decision-making processes for sustainable transformations.

The communications fall under 3 headings: 

(1) integrative understanding of environment-human-non-human ecosystems through advanced descriptive tools.

(2) conditions of collaboration between practitioners and the worlds of research, education and art; analysis of real situations; co-design of innovative models.

(3) participatory experiments at different scales: individual, organisational, community, regional, national, international



CEREFIGE- Centre Européen de Recherche
en Economie Financière et
Gestion des Entreprises


ENSAD école nationale d'art et de design de Nancy


With the support of région Grand Est

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